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We are working towards an artificial scientist that combines the best of humans and machines: It is creative, can think, and learn from any information available at high speed. This technological breakthrough will revolutionize science, demonstrating the potential to address some of the world's biggest challenges, such as advancing science in medicine, engineering, economics, and environmental and social sciences. By doing so, we can tackle diseases, eliminate hunger and wars for resources, and prevent environmental disasters. 

To develop the artificial scientist, we need to radically rethink current approaches to AI and understand the fundamental principles of human-level intelligence

To make our research scalable, Mindfire gives everybody the chance to tackle some of the most interesting neuroscience and AI research challenges through embodied AI. We firmly believe that by combining human creativity from different backgrounds with AI, there are few problems that can't be solved.

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What is intelligence?

"Intelligence is what you use when you don't know what to do: when neither innateness nor learning has prepared you for the particular situation." (Jean Piaget, 1929, 1952)

In short: "Intelligence kicks in when one needs to think." 

Underlying Mindfire's approach is a more technical and actionable definition that is applicable for any system, including machines: "The intelligence of a system is a measure of its skill-acquisition efficiency over a scope of tasks, with respect to priors, experience, and generalization difficulty." (François Chollet, 2019) 

We draw inspiration from this definition and transfer core principles of intelligence into new competitions. Chollet's definition of intelligence is at the core of our series of competitions we organize at Lab42: For example, we host ARCathon, also known as the Abstraction and Reasoning Corpus(ARC) Competition, a challenge to quantify intelligence. ARC covers well the concept of intelligence, as it measures and tests abilities like reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, few shot learning, and learning from experience. 

Mindfire embraces innovation, creativity, and novel ideas and brings together AI enthusiasts from various fields to advance our understanding and development of artificial intelligence. We achieve this through challenges such as ARCathon, online games, essay competitions, summer schools, and many more formats. Uniting large numbers of creative minds will lead to a better understanding of intelligence and collectively and inevitably drive us toward a scientific revolution. 

ABOUT Mindfire

The non-profit organisation Mindfire Foundation was established in 2017 to develop human-level artificial intelligence to empower humans. Based in Switzerland, the cradle of international cooperation, and home to many of the world's leading scientific, environmental, and economic organizations, Mindfire reflects the country's values of responsibility and trust and builds on Switzerland's proven track record as a hub for ground-breaking science, technology, and philanthropy.

In May 2018, talented individuals and experts from all over the world gathered in Davos, Switzerland, for Mindfire Mission-1. The encouraging results, findings, and feedback from the initiative led to the inception of Lab42. In July 2019, the Mindfire AG was created with the purpose to gamify AI. In July 2022, a global AI Lab in Davos was founded. Together, the Mindfire Foundation and the Mindfire AG build the Mindfire Group.
A world in which the boundaries of human potential are expanded by combining the power of AI and collective intelligence.
To unite the world’s brightest minds to achieve fundamental advances in human-level AI.
Human-level AI - AI that places the interests of humanity first. Inclusive AI – a broad, multidisciplinary community of great minds.
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