We believe in collective intelligence

The non-profit organisation Mindfire Foundation was established in 2017 to develop human-level artificial intelligence to empower humans. Based in Switzerland, the cradle of international cooperation, and home to many of the world's leading scientific, environmental, and economic organizations, Mindfire reflects the country's values of responsibility and trust and builds on Switzerland's proven track record as a hub for ground-breaking science, technology, and philanthropy.

In May 2018, talented individuals and experts from all over the world gathered in Davos, Switzerland, for Mindfire Mission-1. The encouraging results, findings, and feedback from the initiative led to the inception of Lab42. In July 2019, the Mindfire AG was created with the purpose to gamify AI. Together, the Mindfire Foundation and the Mindfire AG build the Mindfire Group.

In a world where technology is increasingly thinking for us, we want a form of AI that empowers us to think profoundly. In a world in which AI is pursued to make some humans rich, we want a form of AI that enriches humanity.

That's why we are committed to developing a powerful, human-level form of AI to address the complex global challenges facing humanity.

To make our research scalable, Mindfire gives everybody the chance to tackle some of the most interesting neuroscience and AI research challenges through embodied AI. We firmly believe that by combining human creativity from different backgrounds with AI, there are few problems that can't be solved.


We won't waste your time with a boring blurb about how great our team is. We all love working here, we share the same dreams, and we want to make them a reality. Join us, today!
A world in which the boundaries of human potential are expanded by combining the power of AI and collective intelligence.
To unite the world’s brightest minds to achieve fundamental advances in human-level AI.
Human-level AI - AI that places the interests of humanity first. Inclusive AI – a broad, multidisciplinary community of great minds.
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