We believe in collaboration

Working together to amplify human potential: At Mindfire, we firmly believe that by combining the collective creativity and knowledge of our community with AI, there are few problems that can’t be solved. Discover why curious and brilliant minds are joining the Mindfire community.

"Mindfire has broken down the barriers that we normally face in our research."

MiNDFIRE TALENT // Neuroscientist, European Institute for Theoretical Neuroscience and CNRS

"That's the environment you want to be in — where everyone raises the bar as much as they can."

MiNDFIRE TALENT // Physics & Applied Mathematics, Gymnasium Neufeld

"Everyone is equally excited to be here and we all have something to look forward to."

MiNDFIRE TALENT // Computer Science, University of Southern California


We won't waste your time with a boring blurb about how great our team is. We all love working here, we share the same dreams, and we want to make them a reality. If you have any questions let us know.
A world in which the boundaries of human potential are expanded by combining the power of AI and collective intelligence.
To unite the world’s brightest minds to achieve fundamental advances in human-centric AI and amplify human potential.
Human-centric AI - AI that places the interests of humanity first. Inclusive AI – a broad, multidisciplinary community of great minds.
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