If you have a curious, creative mind and are passionate about using science and technology to address real-world problems, then welcome home. At Mindfire, we bring great minds together to spark new ideas to solve the AI challenges faced by businesses, science, and humanity.

We recognise that talent comes in all shapes and sizes and celebrate disciplinary diversity. The Mindfire network currently includes experts in fields ranging from computer science to mathematics, physics, neuroscience, robotics and beyond. If you have something to contribute, then we want to hear from you.

Join us to become part of a global community of brilliant minds and share in the rewards. Get help with an AI-related challenge by launching your own Quest, or apply as an individual or group to solve an existing Quest.



Business or scientific institutions submit their Quests to Mindfire together with a reward.


Talents from the Mindfire network form teams and apply to solve the Quest.


Each team collaborates to solve the Quest in a joint effort.


All participants on the successful team are rewarded according to their contribution.

Interview with Pascal Kaufmann on human-level AI

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